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Head Room Parent or Room Parent

A Head Room Parent (HRP) is support for the teacher, volunteer coordinator, classroom fundraiser and community builder among the classroom parents. The HRP is the lead communicator between the teacher and the other parents in the class for general classroom activities and information.

Many parents will divide this responsibility as Co-Head Room Parents or sign up to play more of a supporting role as Room Parent. These Room Parents typically become your lead volunteers for classroom activities.

A more detailed description of roles and responsibilities is as follows:

The first weeks of school are often the busiest for the HRPs. We urge the HRPs to determine a budget for all classroom expenditures that will be paid by parents, meet with the teacher to set parameters of involvement and understand the optimum way that the HRPs can support the teacher, enlist volunteer support for the year’s classroom activities, create a classroom roster, email distribution list, fundraise for teacher and aid gifts during Holidays and end of year (if any) and solicit funds for the non-classroom aide year end gift. Some HRPs will also plan parent and community building activities or classroom yearbooks.

After the initial flurry of activity, the HRPs will be an ongoing resource for the teacher and parents and a conduit for information dissemination throughout the year.

A more detailed description of timing of the responsibilities is as follows:

The teachers appreciate this role very much. No matter what your style is, being a Head Room Parent is one of the greatest jobs you can do for our school, your class and your child-and it’s lots of fun.

Thanks in advance for all your help and have fun!!!

Helpful Templates:

To aid you in your role as HRP we have provided several templates that may help you as you are organizing with your teacher, budgeting for the year and creating your class roster.

Classroom Templates

Class List Form – This is a format to use to create your class roster. Please hand these out at Back to School Night and keep updated throughout the year. It is great if this turns out to be one page. Please print and give to teacher and put in Red Cross Bag in front of room.

Teacher Class Volunteer Schedule – Many teachers have a template for this. But, if they do not, this is a template to determine a schedule for classroom volunteers. It is broken down into week A and week B volunteers if parents are sharing one role.

Organization Templates

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions document that answers many questions related to the HRP role and resources.

Communication / Email Etiquette – This document outlines email etiquette suggestions for HRPs. The primary form of communication between teachers, HRPs and classroom parents is email. These are some tips to optimize email communication.

Class Room Mom Organization Meeting Example
– This is just a sample run down on the topics to be covered as you are organizing within any Co Head Room Parents and Room parents for your classroom. It covers division of labor, fundraising and community building events. It is just a starting point of topics to cover as you are getting organized before your teacher meeting.

Teacher Meeting Organization Meeting Example – This is just a sample format for your first meeting with your teacher. It runs down the important areas to be covered in the first meeting between the HRP and the teacher. Most importantly, how your teacher sees the HRP supporting role. Many teachers have specific ideas of parental involvement. Please be respectful of their wishes and mirror their style. The HRP role is primarily one of teacher support!!

Back to School Night – Class Room Mom Example – This is an example script for Back to School Night. The important items here are the fundraising strategy, class roster/phone list and keeping your introduction to less than 5 minutes!

Room Parent Letter– This is a sample follow letter from the HRPs to their classroom parents outlining the year’s classroom activities and giving contact information as well as attaching the class roster/phone list. Feel free to draft something more personal…this is just a starting point…

Personal style plays a large part of being an HRP and taking the lead from your teacher, so these materials are available for your support only if needed, please feel free to download, edit and make them your own!!

Please let us know if you create any additional templates over the course of the year that we might be able to share with other HRPs. Thanks and Enjoy!